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Cenexi is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that has quickly built a reputation for excellence based on its sterile expertise, innovation and high quality products.

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CDMOs offer global solutions that meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies to manufacture their drugs based on a full range of services, on an ad hoc basis or by offering a “turnkey” service for the product.



A CDMO works under an outsourcing contract defining the missions, conditions, resources, and deadlines with its customer. This legal framework, at the heart of Cenexi’s operations, which relies for that on a dedicated department, makes it possible to partially or fully transfer the development and production of a drug or medical device. This is naturally a key tool for our operations: Cenexi undertakes to provide quality services that meet the standards in force in all the markets for which the products are intended.



Cenexi positions itself as a partner of its customers, laboratories, and innovative biotechs, from the early stage – to support product development – to mass production and marketing. Our goal is to offer our customers a one-stop shop, from end to end of the value chain, thus guaranteeing a full service.



Pharmaceutical outsourcing offers the advantage of a diversified choice in manufacturing processes in order to identify the most suitable process according to the product while allowing pharmaceutical companies to focus on high added value to remain competitive. Pharmaceutical outsourcing also provides the company with specific skills, equipment, and technical resources that it does not necessarily have in-house. This has the advantage of limiting the investment linked to a project and therefore reducing costs and risk. Cenexi has production capacity for numerous pharmaceutical forms and has strong expertise in the handling of specific substances, such as hormones, narcotics, and biological products. Our production facilities are adapted and calibrated to support the production monitoring of our customers, and each site is able to respond to specific requests, with a view to adapting to customer requirements and constraints. Over the last five years, Cenexi has invested between 14 and 18 million euros per year, i.e. €80 million in total, with the aim of remaining at the forefront of sterile and injectable products (which today represents 70% of its turnover).



Cenexi relies on an agile and flexible organization to offer its customers the greatest adaptability and responsiveness. In concrete terms, the Group is committed to implementing solutions based on expertise and flexibility in order to promptly meet the needs of its customers. By way of example, in response to customers request, Cenexi set up a weekend work on one of its sites, which required the recruitment of 30 new employees within a very short timeframe (less than three months).

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