Blue novembre: awareness actions at Cenexi

After October, which is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, November is dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer.



Blue November, more commonly known as Movember, is an annual international charity event launched in 2003.

The term Movember comes from the combination of Mo, mustache in Australian slang, and November. Indeed, on this occasion, men are invited to shave their faces completely at the beginning of the month and then grow a mustache for the next 30 days.

The primary aim is to raise public awareness and funds for research into male health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health issues, which are often a taboo for men.



With our Osny site producing two prostate cancer treatments and as part of awareness-raising actions on health-related topics, this event is important for Cenexi.

A few of our employees grew a mustache during the month, and there were events, such as handouts containing a blue ribbon to wear and a male health issue information sheet and prostate awareness workshops led by a healthcare professional.

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