World Blood Donor Day at Cenexi

Today is World Blood Donor Day, an important campaign for Cenexi through our business.


What is World Blood Donor Day?

Designated as an event since 2005 by the World Health Assembly, it promotes the importance of giving blood and raises awareness of the need for blood donors.

To date, there are no treatments or synthetic drugs that can replace human blood. As such, a donation can save up to three lives. In France alone, ten thousand donations of blood are needed every day to treat a million people every year.

The blood collected is used in three different ways:

  • for emergency situations, i.e. bleeding;
  • for chronic needs, such as blood diseases and cancer;
  • for the manufacture of certain medicinal products.


Cenexi employees learn about giving blood.

Many cancers are treated with blood transfusions. In addition, donated blood helps alleviate the effects of chemotherapy because chemotherapy destroys bone marrow cells.

This Day is therefore important for Cenexi, as our Belgian site has specialized in the production of 27 cancer drugs used to treat 13 forms of cancer for 30 years and two treatments are manufactured in Osny.

All Group employees learned about giving blood through explanatory posters. For the sites the location of which allowed it, shuttles were organized to take them to the nearest donor center or a blood donor bus came to the site.

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