New Syringes line on the Braine-l’Alleud site

A new aseptic complex for the production of pre-filled syringes at the Braine-l’Alleud site

A new syringe line produced its first commercial batches in July 2019 for one of Cenexi Braine-l’Alleud’s customers.

Based on aseptic filling of sterile nest syringes (PFS) and equipped with a fully automated In Process Control (IPC), this filling machine is made up of 5 heads and produced 4.2 million 1ml syringes (40% of its total capacity), for around 20 countries including Belgium, France, USA, etc.
This project, which began in 2017, has enabled the construction of a “State of the Art” complex of more than 1,000 m² dedicated to the production of sterile syringes, which includes a formulation area for highly active products, as well as a treatment room. material preparation and autoclaving.

Terminal sterilization

As part of the syringe complex, a second back pressure autoclave is also dedicated to the terminal sterilization of products that allow it. This autoclave offers great flexibility in terms of cycle. It is equipped with a 1.7 m³ chamber, an in-chamber fan, cooling plates and also a water shower cooling option.